HCBR Group Inc. delivers specialized Human Capital Business Services.

What distinguishes HCBR Group from other providers? Our valuable and in-depth experience. We do the right things for our clients – every time. Delivering top-quality customer care is part of our DNA. Our clients know us. They can always reach us and we will move mountains to answer their questions and resolve their dilemmas.

We’re a respected business partner. Our clients’ success is ours, too. We thrive only through offering premier business services that apply to their most critical asset – their human capital – and providing them with first class customer care.

We are big enough to earn our customers’ business and small enough to service it. We offer a leadership team of experts in business services and in customer care. Consider our recruiting talent and expertise: We routinely find talented personnel for clients from Denver to Southeast Asia and everywhere in between. We’re constantly improving. We are devoted to the growth of our employees and their careers, and of our clients and their businesses.

At HCBR Group Inc, our message to clients is simple: Focus on what you do best. Let us do the rest.

Our Mission

To help clients grow and succeed by serving as an expert resource for specialized human capital business services.

Our Values

  • Customer Satisfaction: Top-quality care for clients is an essential part of our DNA.
  • Business Partner: Valued for our vast array of professional services, talent and exceptional client care.
  • Experienced: Offer critical skills and expertise in specialty roles to ensure customer success and compliance.
  • Development: Devoted to the growth of our employees and their careers, and of our clients and their businesses.

HCBR Group Inc is an expert resource for human capital business services, providing crucial business solutions to clients across a variety of industries. With operations in Chicago, Atlanta, The Caribbean, South America and the Middle East, HCBR Group acts as an extension of its clients’ HR department, providing relief from the day-to-day burdens of employee management, and more. HCBR Group offers HR Services, including Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) platforms and Administrative Services Organization (ASO) plans; background screening and employee assessment; international solutions, including global HR services, expatriate demobilization and more; and online software for handling payroll, time and attendance, benefits plans and tax services.


CI CertifiedIn 2014, through a rigorous five-step auditing process, CI bestowed HCBR Group the certification, recognizing the security and compliance of its workers’ compensation management offerings.

The CI certification recognizes firms that comply with insurance industry risk management best practices surrounding client service, risk assessment, claims prevention and loss prevention management. When partnering with a CI-certified organization, businesses often find their workers’ compensation needs are effectively managed and at the same time they are able to provide employees – whether in transportation, manufacturing, construction or hospitality – with the safest possible work environment.