By replacing paper methods with a web portal, we reduce errors in data entry and minimize costs incurred in existing workflow processes. In addition, we will help you eliminate duplicate data entry by passing already entered information to other applications allowing for seamless generation of I-9s, W4s, background screening, tax credit and incentive forms, and other employer-required documents.


  • Streamline the onboarding process
  • Automatically generate required documents
  • Integrate data into other applications
  • Take advantage of electronic signatures

In addition, we can help you customize the application process to meet your specific needs and work with you to provide additional services to help ensure your compliance and minimize your risk.

Paperless I-9

Our I-9 services helps you maintain compliance with immigration regulations while also eliminating paper. These serves allow you to:

  • Accurately generate I-9s online with electronic signatures
  • Verify employees with the Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration
  • Collect and review I-9s electronically to detect errors
  • Image new or existing I-9s and work eligibility documents to a central repository
  • Electronically store completed I-9s to eliminate paper I-9 storage
  • Match I-9s with payroll data to ensure compliance
  • Search, view, and print stored I-9s with the online application
  • View monthly compliance reports posted online for authorized administrators
  • Receive documentation and assistance for government audits and inspections
  • Access toll-free assistance to answer questions and resolve problems

W4 Management

Our W4 management service provides the ability to capture Federal, State and Local W4 forms for employees electronically in PDF format and have those forms electronically signed and associated with that employee’s record in the system. When used as a component within Employee On-Boarding, the W4 is a key component in the capture of employee data.

Employer Forms

To provide a truly complete employee on-boarding solution, we provides for any number of employer-specific forms that need to be completed by the employee. Additionally, forms can be defined as required or optional, and links can be made available to items such as employee handbooks. Common employer forms include:

  • Handbook Acknowledgment
  • Emergency Contacts
  • State specific forms
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment
  • Drug Screen Authorization
  • Employment Verification Authorization
  • Company Policy Forms / Acknowledgement

Data captured on all Electronic Employee On-Boarding forms is made available to the employer, allowing existing HR systems to be pre-populated with information captured during the on-boarding process.

Electronic Employee On Boarding Screenshots