We’ve done our research, and we’ve created a highly customizable technology solution that combines best-of-breed software and top notch support.

We can be your virtual HR department – without the added overhead. We guarantee fast, flexible and accurate payroll and time tracking solutions that remove the pressure and risk of running your own. With the easy integration of our solutions, you can maximize your time and money savings.


We provide a high level of service and commitment, whatever your pay period, whatever the size of your payroll or business. With our solutions, you will experience instant access to your payroll reports online and unlimited support from friendly, U.S.-based payroll experts and comprehensive online help. We also offer payroll support as a standalone service. Our Accountix software streamlines your payroll process, which frees up administrative time and improves productivity. If you prefer to manage your payroll, we offer an easy-to-use web portal. Further, our software integrates with Quickbooks™, AccountEdge and Sage accounting software, ensuring your payroll and accounting is up-and-running from the onset.

Time and Attendance

We know that happy employees are successful employees, and happy employees enjoy time off. Our time and attendance software, TimeTrac, makes time tracking, PTO and sick day monitoring and everything in between simple for both employees and managers. With one, intuitive to use and easy to access time and attendance platform, you can easily manage your workforce and increase productivity.

Tax Services

By implementing our tax system, you will remove the burden from your HR staff and boost your bottom line by significantly reducing the amount of Federal and State income taxes your company will owe each year by ensuring the gain on the maximum available tax credits. Our best-in-class technology system enables visibility throughout the entire process, and our experienced team is well-versed in the always-changing laws and codes. Types of Tax Credits include:

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits
  • Empowerment Zone Tax Credits
  • Indian Employment Credits
  • Enterprise Zone Tax Credits
  • Job Creation Tax Credits
  • Investment Tax Credits
  • Research and Development Tax Credits
  • Withholding Tax Credits
  • Other Point of Hire Credits