Risk Management


When you started your business, you probably didn’t count on having to become an Risk Manager, but the fact is that even if you have just a few employees you’re still assuming the same risks and responsibilities that any industry giant does.

HCBR Group assists you in creating and maintaining a safe work environment, while bearing full liability for workers’ compensation. Our insurance carrier is AmTrust Group, which has an A Standard rating from AM Best. We provide experienced, trained and knowledgeable underwriters, loss control specialists and claims managers who will evaluate any special risk management needs your business might have and carry out an action plan to minimize your risk, when required.

HCBR Group is able to provide risk management solutions at a reduced rate due to our relationship with our key industry partners. Below please find some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Return-to-Work Programs
  • Pre – Employment Screening
  • Safety Programs
  • Random Drug Screening Program
  • STD/LTD Insurance Coverage For Full Time Employees

Our workers’ compensation services include a dedicated professional account represented who can take claims, answer questions you have about claims, educate injured workers on their benefits and assist with Return-to-Work Coordination.

Companies of all sizes need a proactive and comprehensive approach to effectively manage risk, better manage costs, and avoid unnecessary financial and legal exposure while helping to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. When your company chooses to enter a co-employment with HCBR Group, we treat your company’s liability as you would treat it because we share that same liability.

Our customers gain access to our expertise and resources to help you better manage risk and compliance. For higher risk customers, we begin with an initial compliance audit to identify potential organizational risks and exposure within the first 60 days. Any gaps in compliance or exposure are detailed in a report that we share with your company’s management.


CI CertifiedOn August 26, 2014, through a rigorous five-step auditing process, CI bestowed HCBR Group the certification, recognizing the security and compliance of its workers’ compensation management offerings.

The CI certification recognizes firms that comply with insurance industry risk management best practices surrounding client service, risk assessment, claims prevention and loss prevention management. When partnering with a CI-certified professional employer organization (PEO), businesses often find their workers’ compensation needs are effectively managed, and at the same time they are able to provide employees – whether in transportation, manufacturing, construction or hospitality – with the safest possible work environment.