Share responsibilities with a company that has a management with multiple years of experience with employment risk. We take a proactive approach focused on managing your HR assets and liabilities long term to minimize your risks. Business owners understand that the services provided by their human resources team can greatly effects their bottom line. Failure to understand and respond to compliance issues in a timely manner in this legalistic and competitive atmosphere can be costly, draining valuable financial and human resources and lowering productivity levels.

With HCBR Group, you will gain access to our expertise and resources to help you better manage risk and compliance. For the higher risk business, prior to partnering with a prospective client, we require an initial Risk & Compliance safety audit to identify potential organizational risks and exposure. Any gaps in compliance or risk exposure are detailed in a report that we share with your company’s management.

The report can be used as the foundation for an action plan, which serves to mitigate against or eliminate those risks. In addition, we include an Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) policy that covers both organizations.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

  • State required notice of injury
  • Three-point contact
  • Treatment provider selection
  • Annual Policy Cost Reviews
  • Ensure lower claim cost and promote a safe working environment

Post Injury Support

  • Required Employee Drug Testing
  • Return to Work/Modified Duty Guidance
  • Regular communication with insurance carrier and employer
  • Claims Monitoring through Comptrac
  • Fraudulent Claims Investigations

From employer taxes, payroll, recent updates on Health Care Reform, Workers’ Compensation Insurance Compliance, Employee benefits, we help educate to our clients to help keep your business running smoothly. Business that gets them wrong, can face penalties, dissatisfied employees, and possibly even litigation. HCBR Group can help. Our PEO, ASO and HRO services offer a co-employment or administrative resource relationship in which you retain the day-to-day control over how you manage your employees, and HCBR Group manages the critical HR management and benefits administration responsibilities. You also benefit from access to a strategic HR business partner dedicated to helping you make the best decisions for your business, even in an uncertain economy.