Under HCBR Group’s ASO plan, our HR Specialists give businesses relief from the day-to-day burdens of employee management and administration through payroll and tax management, human resources support, and employee benefits administration. Our ASO plan allows you to retain control and still be very hands on without having to handle the routine details on a daily basis.

Our ASO plan offers the following:

  • Risk & Compliance Consulting
  • Tax Compliance & Reporting
  • Tax Credit Services
  • State Reporting
  • Dedicated Point of Contact
  • Online Payroll Processing
  • Employee Self Service Access
  • Electronic Employee On-Boarding
  • On-Site Check Printing
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Time & Attendance Solutions
  • Time off Accrual Management
  • 401K ((k) Trac)
  • Benefits Products
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • HR Services
  • Corporate Training
  • Background/ Drug Screen Program
  • Compliance Posters
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Customized Payroll Reporting
  • Voluntary Benefits Programs – Aflac/Unum
  • Employee Retail Discount Programs
  • Visa Processing
  • Direct Deposit
  • ACH Payment Methods
  • Reverse Wire

HCBR Group offers services of an administrative services organization, or ASO. An ASO is similar to a professional employer organization, but doesn’t create a co-employment relationship as a PEO does. Employees remain solely under the control of the client.

Please contact one of our client service coordinators to find out how HCBR Group can provide you with any ASO services.

Under the ASO, you remain employer of record and do not give up control of your employees. Second, under the ASO arrangement you also have more flexibility as to choosing Workers’ Compensation and Group Health Insurance carriers. Third, administrative fees per employee per year are typically significantly less under the ASO arrangement versus a PEO arrangement. Our ASO solution typically offers the following:

  • Ability to outsource business processes such as payroll and tax compliance, human resources functions, employee benefits administration, workers’ compensation administration, and retirement services
  • Ability to retain your own employee benefits or have the provider quote, implement and manage benefits on your behalf
  • Ability to retain your own SUTA rate which could be an advantage if you have a competitive SUTA rate currently
  • Ability to retain your own workers’ compensation policy or have HCBR Group provide, implement and manage on your behalf

Administrative Services Organization Q&A

Q: What is an Administrative Services Organization (ASO)?

A: An Administrative Services Organization (ASO), enables businesses to cost-effectively outsource the management of the human resource and payroll functions for small to mid-sized businesses. ASO differs from the PEO program in that ASO clients maintain their own group benefit programs.

Q: Who would be the legal employer?

A: The Administrative Services Organization (ASO) model being comparable to services offered through the PEO offers a few distinct differences. Under the ASO you remain employer of record and do not enter into a Co-Employment arrangement with your employees.

Q: Does HCBR Group provide a pay as you go Workers Compensation programs under an ASO Solution?

A: Yes, HCBR Group’s PEO Workers Compensation carrier AmTrust does allow ASO carve out programs. Under the ASO model our clients experience mod is used (like in the voluntary market) to determine charge rates. Under the ASO arrangement you also have more flexibility as to choosing Workers’ Compensation or keeping your current provider.

Q: Does HCBR Group provide Group Benefits under the ASO Solution?

A: Yes, HCBR Group has list of carriers we are able to obtain quotes from to provide and administrate a Group Benefits solutions for your organization.

Q: Does HCBR Group offer TPA services?

A: Yes. HCBR Group provides TPA services for S125, HRA and COBRA Administration.