map-hcbrHuman Capital Business Resource Group Inc (HCBR Group) is currently accepting ASO business nationwide. HCBR Group is only accepting PEO business in the following states:

AL / AR / AZ / CT / CA / CO / DC / DE / GA / IA / ID / IL / KS / MI/ MA / MN / NJ /NY/ PA/ SD / VA / VT / WI / WV / NY/MS/ LA/ NE

We have offices located in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL and Houston, TX. Our partnership with AmTrust Group enables us to bring extensive technology, risk management, loss control and claim management resources to our clients which will effectively help them control the ever increasing cost of providing workers’ compensation insurance coverage for our customers, nationwide. It’s our mission to help small and mid-sized businesses grow. Eliminating the management of their workers’ compensation needs gives them one less thing to worry about, freeing them up to focus on growth and success.

AmTrust Group is an A.M Best rated “A” (Excellent) carrier specifically tailored to accommodate the needs and risks of small- to mid-sized businesses in industries including healthcare, IT, logistics, manufacturing, restaurants and hospitality, light construction and retail. HCBR Group prefers businesses in the White, Grey and Blue Collar industries.

Submission notes:

  • Ex. Mod: Up to 1.50 with explanation of losses over $20K and what safety programs have been put into place to help lower risk.
  • We require all clients to have EPLI, EAP, STD & LTD coverage under our programs. If a prospect already has these programs in place, we can waive this requirement with proof of coverage.
  • STD and LTD is provided through CIGNA Insurance.
  • Carrier approval can take up to 2-3 business days

Items needed for a RFP Submission:

  1. Copy of an Accord (if you do not have one please provide the following):
  2. Full Legal Name
  3. FEIN
  4. Estimated Gross Annual Payroll
  5. Number of Employees (Full Time and Part Time)
  6. Business Address or Location(s)
  7. Loss Runs for the last 3 years from work comp carriers
    1. If new in business, resume of owner and explanation of business.
  8. NCCI Mod Rating
  9. Years in Business
  10. Current SUTA Rates
  11. Copy of current workers compensation policy
  12. Employee Census (If benefits are requested)
  13. Example of union deduction report, if applicable.

A direct submission must be submitted to our Contact form or feel free to give us a call at (770) 692-8200 and a member of our sales department would happily assist you with any questions you may have.