We are proud to announce that AmTrust Group, a multinational property and casualty insurer specializing in coverage for small- to mid-sized businesses, is the carrier of choice for our Master Workers’ Compensation Program. We provide competitively priced workers’ compensation coverage to small- and mid-size businesses.

This partnership enables us to deliver extensive technology, risk management, loss-control and claim-management resources to our clients. This effectively helps our clients control the ever-increasing cost of workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Our mission is to help small- and mid-sized businesses grow. Eliminating the management of their workers’ compensation needs eliminates one major element to worry about, freeing them to focus on growth and success.

AmTrust Group is an A.M. Best-rated “A” (Excellent) carrier specifically tailored to accommodate the needs and risks of small- to mid-sized businesses in industries that include but aren’t limited to office exposures – IT, banks, accountants, doctors’ offices, schools – retail stores, light construction, hospitality, light manufacturing and warehouses.

Risk exposures that are excluded include transportation risks, environmental hazards, home healthcare, group homes, sports or adult entertainment establishments, 24-hour operations, chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing and accounts with fewer than four employees.