401(k) & Retirement Plans

Plan Adoption


Strategic Ally

HCBR Group is your strategic ally in more than just human resources, payroll and benefits. The HCBR Group 401(k) plan is a key element to you and your employees’ financial future. The 401(k) is no longer an optional benefit. It is as much expected as health insurance was ten years ago. That’s why there is a large influx of new participants to 401(k) retirement plans. The hurdle for most businesses is to put together a 401(k) plan that is up-to-date, easy to use and cost-effective. HCBR Group overcomes these hurdles for you with our plan design, investment performance and service.

Investment Platform

The line-up of mutual funds that comprise the investment platform are highly rated funds. They have been carefully selected by HCBR Group’s Investment Committee for rating, expenses and stability of the fund. The overall platform utilizes funds with varied investment styles such as value, blend and growth.

Pre-Allocated Portfolios

Employees who are not familiar with investing and assessing risk can select an asset-allocated portfolio that matches their risk tolerance and investment strategy. Slavic Mutual Funds Management Corporation (the investment advisor) offers three distinct portfolios for aggressive, moderate and conservative investors. The portfolios are rebalanced once per year to maintain targeted risk levels.

Multiple Employer Plan

The Multiple Employer Plan captures one of the best features of an employee leasing company — its size. By co-adopting HCBR Group’s master plan, you become part of a plan with conceivably thousands of participants and millions of dollars in plan assets. An important element of the plan design is that the individual company does not need to adopt its own plan document or be solely responsible for the fiduciary compliance of the plan. Each company that co-adopts the master plan is individually tested for compliance with IRS and DOL guidelines. For retirement plan purposes, the work-site company is the common-law employer.