Expatriate Demobilization

Global Onboarding Solutions

The hiring process doesn’t end when the candidate signs the contract, there is still paperwork left to complete. If your company is multinational, there is quite a bit of paperwork involved before each new hire can begin their departure.

At HCBR Group, our Global HR Representatives work closely with each new hire to ensure that their onboarding is completed in a timely manner. Overseas onboarding typically includes employee assessment testing, background checks and drug screenings; medical requirements tailored for specific countries; passport and travel visa processing; and country specific documentation, authorizations, and invitations

Visa Processing

Our international business visa platform is your single online source for visa and passport requirements and assistance with obtaining the necessary documents for your trip.

Before traveling outside of the United States on business, expedited U.S. Passport and Travel Visa services are often needed to assist you in the process of obtaining all of the required international travel documents for the country you plan to enter.

HCBR Group provides comprehensive services to corporate, group, and individual travelers who need tourist, business, work, or residence visas. If your business needs to get your Expat employees overseas, we can assist in the expediting process for passport requests and help with your corporate documentation and legalization of documents.

Medical Qualifications

Before traveling abroad, let our Global HR Representatives organize the medical immunization process needed. This takes the burden of planning, sorting through forms, and following up with employees before travel or relocation. Allow us do the work for you.

Shipment of Household Goods

Relocating overseas is never an easy task, whether it is for yourself or your employees. Our goal is to make relocating hassle free, safe and cost-effective.

Let our Global HR Representatives take care of the international shipment process. We work to arrange an international moving company to perform an inventory of all the goods; take measurements to determine the volume of the shipment and chose a container size; load and ship autos; and the packing, wrapping, and loading of household goods.