Global PEO & ASO Program Solutions


HCBR Group Inc is the single source for your organization’s global needs, allowing you to reduce overhead costs while maintaining or improving functionality.

Global PEO is a way of providing a bridge in to international markets, without the cost and administration burdens of registration in a test market country.  Our global PEO program is also referred to as Employer of Record and Co-Employment services, the service effectively outsources the hire and administration functions to HCBR Group while you maintain direction over your employees and management of your organization day to day activities.

Our deep knowledge of the overseas landscape helps us ensure that you and your global employees are equipped with everything needed to succeed abroad. Your suite of administration solutions can be tailored to include HR management administration, international benefits and compliance administration, expatriate demobilization solutions and everything in between.

Global PEO & ASO Services

With our Global ASO & PEO, clients can focus on their core competencies to maintain and grow their bottom line, while we partner with you to deliver cost-effective management of human resources. This platform delivers relief from handling HR administration; liability reduction, regulatory compliance, and risk management; aid in creating competitive benefit packages; and best-practices assistance to improve productivity and profitability.

Our software allows you to immerse new hires in corporate policies and culture, while automating and reducing paperwork. Take advantage of our global onboarding solutions, international business visa platform, medical qualification capabilities and international shipment services.

Each international placement and country is different and at HCBR Group we tailor our services to the needs of the situation. We begin our support by talking with our clients to establish where, when, who and what resources will be included in the international placement.

Our role is to provide counsel and advise our clients of applicable labor laws, contractual requirements for the employees and the overall financial outlay that a client should expect for placement of an employee at an international work site.

We then will work with the client to facilitate all employer related actions or services for the employee; from assistance with writing the employment offer letter, assistance with Visa acquisition to complete payroll, tax and benefit administration for the international work site employee.

If global PEO is not a fit for every client in every country, our global Administrative Service Outsourcing (ASO) platform can be a better fit for those customers who desired solution where we step in to manage international HR, finance and tax issues for customers who require our support with a wide variety of projects.

With years of experience supporting government and commercial contracts around the globe, our international account management team has managed entity set ups, customer transition solutions, expatriate tax issue and consulting in countries ranging from the Saudi Arabia to Japan.