image-bs-4Time is money. HCBR Group is here to help you focus on saving both. No matter what size your organization is, using our timetrac solution, we are able to help you manage your workforce and track employee time and attendance more efficiently. Our solutions enable you to automate your processes while helping save you time, improve payroll accuracy, stop employee time theft, and stay compliant with federal wage and hour requirements.

With our automated workforce management processes we offer:

  • Automated tracking of employee attendance
  • Web-based time sheet submittal
  • Clock in and out from various data collection methods
  • Enforce schedule to limit overtime
  • Runs from your favorite browser
  • Accurate collection of employee time
  • Up to 15 labor levels 3 levels of approvals: employee, supervisor, and administrator
  • Powerful security configurations
  • Employees can review hours, schedules and benefit balances
  • Real-time management reporting
  • Automated interfaces with payroll and accounting systems

This versatile time clock system can help you minimize time spent compiling information and calculating timesheets—all while maximizing your payroll productivity, accuracy, and reliability. Have the ability to have multiple data entry options including a magnetic stripe, bar code, and touch screen entry.

  • Get up and running fast
  • View alerts
  • Set pay preferences
  • Add and edit employees
  • Enables employees to review hours; schedule; request/view pay types: sick, vacation, PTO; multi-language, and overtime control with a lockout scheduling
  • Allows the employer to stay in compliance ensuring that full lunches are taken and allows employee review of transactions even after manager performs edits